Everything you need to achieve continued, profitable growth - right to your desktop.Everything you need to achieve continued, profitable growth - right to your desktop.
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The [V]isionary

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Let's start by looking at the main management style required for the phase called Early Struggle: the birth and very early infancy of the organization.

Think about anyone you know who has successfully started their own business. We typically call them Entrepreneurs, they tend to be very 'Visionary' How would you describe the 'Visionary' management style at the very launch of their business?

To me, it is like watching the launch of a rocket ship.

If you have ever watched any of the rocket launches down in Florida you will remember that the first few seconds burn up an enormous amount of energy - a huge amount of energy, exhausted solely to just lift that rocket off the earth's surface and getting it successfully into space.

The stage of early struggle is very like that: It takes somebody with energy, passion, vision, and with an exceptionally long term view to expend that huge amount of energy for a far-off goal.

That's classically the person we refer to as the 'Visionary'. It's the highly energetic thrust of the 'Visionary' that gets the business off the ground in the first place.

The 'Visionary' may be one, two or more people who have the energy, the passion, the vision and the enthusiasm to get the new business going - but however many there are, without that 'V', the vision has no chance of becoming a reality.

Typically in Early Struggle, the 'V' will attract a small group of people to work for him (or them), and demand a high degree of loyalty and a lot of hard work - because that's what's required to get the rocket ship launched.

The 'V' style is typically very:

  • Freewheeling;
  • Energetic;
  • Visionary;
  • Creative;
  • Fast;

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