Everything you need to achieve continued, profitable growth - right to your desktop.Everything you need to achieve continued, profitable growth - right to your desktop.
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Personal Proactive Productivity: The Predictable Success® 3P Program

Personal Proactive Productivity: The Predictable Success&174; 3P Program

Whether you feel like you're drowning in tasks, to-do's, voicemails and commitments, or just want to crank up your already-high productivity, the Predictable Success® 3P Program (Personal Proactive Productivity) is for you.

Predictable Success® begins with you. Unless you're fully in control of your day-to-day activities (rather than them being in control of you), you cannot achieve Predictable Success® in your team, division, department or organization.

Are You totally On Top Of Your To-do's And Commitments?

$2,490 Single Payment:
Or 6 Monthly Payments of $495.00:
...If not, which of these best describes you?:

  • I have no real system for controlling my day-to-day activities - I sometimes feel like I'm drowning in 'to-do's, and worry I'll miss something I've committed to do. My inbox and voicemail seem to control me, rather than the other way 'round.

  • I have a solid system I've used for quite a while, but I really struggle at times to keep it up-to-date. When things get crazy, my system collapses, and I have to more or less start again later, when things quieten down.

  • I've tried every system under the sun, and nothing really works well for me. I hopscotch from paper planners to PDA's, to web-based systems, but can't really settle down to one process that works for me in every situation.

  • I'm hooked on systems, and that's my problem - just when I think I've got something that really works for me, I see something else that catches my eye, and before I know it, I'm transferring everything from my old system over to something shiny and new. Sometimes I think I spend more time on productivity systems than actually getting things done!
Whichever camp you fall into, the Predictable Success® 3P Program will show you how to break the cycle, and develop a single, trusted productivity system that will never let you down.

Is Your Day, Week and Month Planned And Executed Systematically?

...If not, do you fall into one of these categories?:

  • I'm completely dominated by whatever the 'emergency of the day' is - I'm regularly derailed by whatever happens that day and demands my attention.

  • I'm pretty good at being clear about what I want to achieve each day, but I'm often interrupted by others, and the interruptions disrupt my work flow. Often at the end of the week, I feel I've accomplished little of what I wanted to do, but I seem to have done a lot for other people.

  • I'm really good at structuring what I want to achieve for a few days straight, then the pressure of commitments throws me off the wagon, and before I know it, I feel buried again in 'open loops' that make me feel swamped.

  • To be honest, I cannot work well with highly structured days - I need to have free time to engage in things that occur to me as I go about my business. Creativity and spontaneity are important to me, and the idea of having my days dominated by to-do lists and routines is not appealing at all.
If any of the above apply to you, you will benefit enormously from participating the Predictable Success® 3P Program.

We'll show you exactly how to structure your work cycle, habits and processes to meet your natural work style, and how to maximize your personal productivity - without complicated or boring 'systems'.

Are You Doing What's Important - Or Merely What's Urgent?

Many of us 'get a lot done' each day, but often feel that what we've achieved aren't necessarily the important things - instead, we've merely attended to what was urgent.

The Predictable Success® 3P Program will show you exactly how to distinguish between the important and the urgent, and how to make sure you accomplish both.

Do You 'Wipe Out' At Times, And Feel You Just Can't Get Things Done, No Matter How Hard You Work?

From time to time, does your brain go in to 'screensaver' mode, when it seems like you cannot do anything productive, no matter how hard you try?

There are a number of factors that can cause your productivity to 'shut down':

  • Low energy levels,

  • Pressure of time available to complete a task,
  • Not knowing where to start (the 'blank sheet of paper' syndrome),
  • Stuck waiting for other people to do something before you can move forward,

  • Not having access to what you need to get started on a task (how many times have you sat in an airport, bus or office thinking 'If only I had my laptop / PDA / customer list / files I could do 'x'?).
In the Predictable Success® 3P Program, we'll show you how to turn those 'dead times' into your secret weapon for super-productivity - without turning into an 'always-on' robot.

Is Your Home Life Suffering Because Of Work Commitments - Or Vice-Versa?

  • Do you regularly take work home - and often come back the next morning without even opening your briefcase?

  • Or do you grab a quick bite of dinner, then crack open the files to 'catch up'?

  • Are you regularly missing family events and 'quality time' with the people you love because you need to 'get things done'?

  • Perhaps your domestic and personal commitments feel out of control, and your work life is suffering as a result?

  • Do your home and work 'lives' clash, causing tension and stress in you and others? Are you aware of other people's concerns about your ability to juggle everything?
If so, the Predictable Success® 3P Program is for you.

We'll show you how to achieve a balance between your personal and business commitments without finding another 2 days in the week.

How Can We Do This?

The Predictable Success® 3P Program is built on Les McKeown's personal productivity system.

Les, the President & CEO of Predictable Success®, has been teaching (and practicing) this system for 25 years, based on personal trial and error, and on the teachings of the 'productivity gurus' such as Steven Covey, David Allen, Deep & Sussman, Marshall Goldsmith and others.

Built from the renowned Predictable Success® methodology for organizational business success, the Predictable Success® 3P Program is a personal 'productivity infrastructure' that provides you the bedrock you need to build your own personal Predictable Success®.

As a result of taking this Program, you will be able to contribute every day, week and month to the Predictable Success® of your business and your home life.

Who's It For?

The Predictable Success® 3P Program is for anyone who wants to be more effective, efficient and productive in their business and personal lives.

This is not a program just for managers or 'high-achievers' (although both will benefit enormously) - it's for everyone.

Rest assured - if you've read this far, the Predictable Success® 3P Program is for you!

How Does It Work?

The Predictable Success® 3P Program is a structured, step by step program that fully trains you in the Predictable Success® 3P Personal Productivity System over a 6-month period.

Once you enroll for the Program, we'll provide you with a self-assessment form to complete. This will enable us to tailor the Program specifically to your work style, and your personal productivity challenges.

After you've completed the initial questionnaire, you will receive the following:

  1. A weekly 3P Productivity e-lesson, taking you step by step through the Predictable Success® Personal Productivity System (24 lessons in all, delivered over a 6-month period);

  2. A monthly 3P Program TeleClass, exploring that months 4 lessons in more detail;

  3. A personal, confidential, online journal to record and assess your personal goals and progress in implementing the Predictable Success® 3P Program;

  4. 24/7 access to personal online coaching from Les McKeown to help you with the implementation of the Predictable Success® 3P Program in your own day-to-day activities;

  5. Sample forms, templates and checklists to help you in applying the Predictable Success® 3P system;

  6. A recommended reading and resource list.

Why 6 Months? I Need To Make Changes NOW!

Experience has proven to us that while the 3P Program can (and will) produce immediate benefits in your personal productivity, it takes time to make a permanent change in your working habits - 6 months, in our experience.

By committing to the 3P Program, you are ensured the necessary follow-up and accountability to make that permanent change, and to avoid slipping back to your old ways.

How many times have you gone to a one- or two-day workshop, and come away with a binder full of great ideas, only to find months later that you hadn't really implemented any of them permanently?

We're committed to your personal productivity success - not just to selling you a 'system' that sits on a shelf gathering dust.

How Much Does It Cost, And How Do I Enroll?

The Predictable Success® 3p Program costs less than you will spend on a PDA, a paper-based Planner, or any other single productivity tool: just $2,490 (or $495.00 a month for 6 months - a total of $2,970).

Just click the 'Buy Now' button to get started!

I Have A Question...

Great - we love questions - just click here to send us your question, and we'll get back to you right away.